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》》 Anti-fraud announcement~》》

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 Tianzhong Hotel special reminder
Recently, fraudulent methods have emerged in an endless stream to prevent new types of online fraud.
▶️When you complete the transaction on the online booking platform or the official website, we will not notify you by phone or text message:

Due to reasons such as the hotel’s promotion of a preferential room reservation program and the setting error of online installment payment, etc., you are required to cancel the reservation on the online platform, operate an ATM to cancel, change the payment method, make up the payment or collect the room fee.

▶️Nor will you be required to amend or provide a credit card account number or personal information that is incorrect due to a telephone notification.
▶️We will not take the initiative to contact you to ask you to send money.
Please be vigilant to avoid being deceived, and do not provide any information if you receive the above request from unknown and suspicious phone calls or text messages.
▶️If you have any questions, you are welcome to call the hotel, and a specialist will assist you.
👉If you receive a suspicious call, please respond as soon as possible to the anti-fraud consultation hotline 165 of the National Police Agency or the National Anti-Fraud Network of the Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior


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