Xitou Scenic Area

Located at Lugu Township, Nantou County, Xitou Nature Education Area is one of the seven forest zones of experimental forest, College of Bioresources and Agriculture, NTU. Chinese fir, cypress, red cypress, ginkgo and Meng Zong Bamboo were grown in the area. Ancient trees are tower to the skies and forest roads are extended to all directions. You can play and enjoy forest bathing as well as visit the display building, Bamboo Herbarium, university lake, sacred tree, Meng Zong Bamboo Forest. It is suitable for both systematic plant observation and bird watching activities.
There are around 300 kinds of Xylophyta and 1300 Herbaceous plant in the area. You not only can learn about the plants by the explanations on the plant labels, but also learn about them at the display building on the second floor of the offices in the Xitou forest area, exhibiting rich plant specimen and accompanied by slides, diagrams and captions, so that you can understand at a glance. There are around 70 kinds of birds in the area. It is suggested to carry Illustration of Taiwan Birds and telescope with around 8x so that you can watch the most representative birds of middle altitude of Taiwan in the area. University lake is named after National Taiwan University since it belonged to it. There is a fifty- or sixty-feet long bow-shape Bamboo bridge with special appearance on top of the lake. When walking on top, you will shake to the left and right and sometimes gently floating up as if you were in your dream.

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