Taiwan Glove Museum

Launched on Mar. 10, 2018, it is the only glove tourism factory around the world. In 1985, the master of gloves, Chen YiYi, established “CYY Sporting Goods Co., Ltd” in Yuanlin Township, Changhua County at central Taiwan. In the beginning, it mainly produced all kinds of gloves for sale abroad at that time, such as skiing gloves, cold protection and decorative gloves, down gloves, football goalkeeper gloves, scooter gloves and working, gardening gloves, etc.

You must have seen the simple sentence, “100% Taiwan carefully selected eco-friendly materials harmless to human/professionally manufactured”, often on the DM and packaging card of good.hand. The reason why good.hand is especially loved by leisure sportsman can be seen from these words; in addition, this sentence also pointed out the “production structure and business concepts” of good.hand, which satisfied the needs of modern people.

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