Babao Irrigation Canal

Babao Irrigation Canal was the largest water project in Ching Dynasty in Taiwan. It was built by Shi ShiBang, the offspring of Shi Lang, in the 48th year of the Qing Kang Xi (1709). The water of Zhuoshui river was introduced from Er Shui Bi Zi Tou to irrigate Changhua plain. It was called Babao (translated by meaning as “eight fortress”) Irrigation Canal since the canal passed through eight fortress among the thirteen fortresses in Changhua County.

The rural scenery along Babao Irrigation Canal is very pretty and the road along the canal is always a good place for exercising and going for a walk. After the township office improved the scenery of the canal road and planted arbor on both sides of the embankment, problems such as “vehicles and pedestrians grab road mutually” in the past can be improved. Not only exclusive space for pedestrians was built, the scenery was further beautified by equipping with gazebo, seat and flower stand. Now, it has become a good place for both residents and tourists to relax. In addition, many photograph lovers are attracted to here to take photos.

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