The Soxlink Functional Wear Tourism Factory

The running sound of hosiery machines, “tick-tack-tick-tack” day and night, was a very familiar sound for Shetou people working over the years. Under the pulling and pushing effect of global trend, some industries chose to leave and face the transformations of industrial structure and market. However, Soxlink still insisted to keep its roots in Taiwan and entered into Service industry from manufacturing. It upgraded the original factory as tourism factory, hoping to continue and pass on the hosiery symphony.
Established in 2011, tourism factory served as a sock factory for teaching and demonstration. Starting from a pair of socks on our feet, we can not only understand the knowledge of making socks, but also acquire a deeper knowledge to the local industries. Soxlink introduced innovation to traditional industries through tourism to pass on the spirit of enterprise sustainable business and services.


Tianwei Highway Garden
Taiwan Glove Museum